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Piano Tuning

Why do I need to tune my Piano?

There has never been an acoustic piano made by any company, at any price, that does not require a schedule of regular tunings. It is also a fact that a piano will go out of tune whether it is played or not.

The main reason pianos go out of tune is the changes in humidity from season to season, affecting all pianos, new and old, played or unplayed.... More...

What is Concert Pitch?

Concert pitch (A440 - A above middle C vibrating at 440 times per second) has been universally accepted as the pitch to which all instruments should be tuned. It ensures that when instruments play together, they will all be in tune with one another. Pianos are designed and built to sound their best when tuned to A440. So when your piano's pitch drops due to lack of tuning, the quality of tone suffers.... More...

How much does it cost to tune a piano?

Piano Tuning (Local)
  • Upright: $135.00 or Grand: $165.00
  • Half Price Tuning with any Piano Move
Piano Tuning (Over 30 mins Drive from base)
  • Upright: $140.00 or Grand: $170.00
  • (Minimum 4 pianos in area)
  • (Discounts may be available)
Piano Tuning (Interstate)
  • Upright: $135.00 or Grand: $165.00
  • (Only on our regular trips - register now!)
  • Sydney, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Emerald, Adelaide, Etc.)
Piano Repairs
  • from $20.00


All piano tuning more than an hour from base is only available at our convenience.
Please enquire about availability
Payment is to be made when the piano is tuned, or can be prepaid via direct deposit.
Businesses (Schools, Nursing Homes, Churches & Councils) may be sent a 7 day account.
Cash or direct deposit preferred. Cheque accepted.
Contact us to organize your piano tuning.

How Often should I tune my Piano?

Keep in mind that every piano is subject to one or more factors that will make it go out of tune, including:

  • Humidity changes
  • Temperature changes
  • Stretching of strings
  • Slipping tuning pins
  • Heavy or excessive use

How often you should tune your piano depends on its condition, the environment in which it is located, and the musical demands of the owner.... More...

Can you tune my piano?

We tune any brand of piano, including:

  • Yamaha
  • Kawai
  • Beale
  • Alex Steinbach
  • Wertheim
  • Old or New Pianos
  • Upright & Grand pianos
  • Pianolas (Player Pianos)
  • ...YOUR Piano!

Piano Moving

Should I move the piano myself?

The following is an interesting quote from Larry Fine in The Piano Book.

"...Movers like to tell stories like this one:
...A young woman asked her father to help her move a piano from one place to another in her house. Her father got a couple of his friends to come along and they brought a dolly [trolley]. While they were lifting the piano - a full-size vertical -- it tipped back too far and got away from them. While it was falling, its upper corner dug down through the wall. The trench it made was deep enough to sever an electric conduit, which shorted and began to burn. The "movers" were unable to stop the fire, which also spread to the floor below, another person's apartment. After the fire department was done, there was little left of the two apartments - and the piano....
...Obviously, this is an extreme example of the damage that can be inflicted when moving a piano in do-it-yourself fashion. Even if you don't burn down your house, there is a substantial risk of personal injury, not to mention damage to the piano.
...Pianos are very heavy. The average spinet or console weighs in at from three hundred to five hundred pounds, full-size uprights at about seven hundred, but sometimes as much a thousand.
...Grands vary from about five hundred to a thousand pounds, though a concert grand may weigh as much as thirteen hundred pounds! If it were simply a matter of weight, though, all it would take would be enough strong people to do the job. Unfortunately, along with the weight come problems of balance and inertia, knowledge of which can make all the difference in doing a moving job safely and efficiently. Piano moving may conjure up images of men with monstrous arms and huge torsos, but actually two or three people of average build can do most piano moving jobs - even grands if they have some brains, experience, the right equipment, and a knowledge of just when and where to apply a little force.
...So, the task of moving a piano is not just a matter of weight. The asymmetric shape, the fragility of the outer cabinet and inner mechanics, the uneven distribution of parts -- all this and more demands not only proper equipment, but also an understanding of the unique dynamics of balance and inertia that pianos pose.
...Attempting to move a piano by yourself may easily result in a costly trip to the doctor for both you and your piano.
...Don't take chances, hire a professional!"

How much does it cost to move a piano?

Piano Moving - Local & Melbourne area*
  • from $220.00
Piano Moving within a building*
  • from $150.00
Interstate Piano Moving*
  • from $800.00
  • Only available at our convenience
  • Please enquire about availability

* All prices given are for no steps

Steps cost extra:
  • $5.00 each
  • Maximum of 3-4 steps at one time.

Special Offer:
Half Price Tuning with any Piano Move -- 50% off! Save $60

Payment is to be made when the piano is tuned, or can be prepaid via direct deposit.
Businesses (Schools, Nursing Homes, Churches & Councils) may be sent a 7 day account.
Cash or direct deposit preferred. Cheque accepted.
Contact us to organize your piano move.
Be sure to include as much information as you can about the move.

About the Piano

The History of the Piano

If you have ever played a harpsichord or a clavichord, you know they feel different from a piano. In a piano, a hammer is thrown at the strings when you press a key on the keyboard. The hammer quickly rebounds so the string can vibrate for as long as you hold the key down (or even longer if you use the damper pedal)..... More...

Detailed Chronological Timeline

Lists the history of the piano, and changes of brands etc.... More...

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